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Residence permit for native Russian speakers (NRS)

Residence permit for NRS (native Russian speakers), without obtaining RVP (temporary residence permit). Such possibility is given for those whose Russian language is native.  This is a new migration status gives the opportunity to obtain Russian citizenship in the shortest time.  The foreign citizen which can prove ties with Russia and knowledge of Russian like native, receives a Residence Permit, and in the further citizenship of Russia, by the accelerated and simplified procedure.

In the first step foreigner has to prove the Russian knowledge and his native ties with Russia. There is a special examination process in migration service which provides procedures recognition of native speakers. So, who can be recognized as a Native Russian speaker?

Price for help in obtaining a residence permit

A foreign citizen, whose native language is used in everyday life and in the family, can obtain the status of an NRS

* Recognition of the Russian as a native language
* The presence of ascendant relatives, citizens of the Russian Federation or former citizens of the Russian Federation
* The presence of ascendant relatives, former USSR citizens who lived in the RSFSR.

On a preferential basis, a Native Russian speaker receives a residence permit in the Russian Federation, bypassing the procedure for obtaining an RVP (temporary residence permit).

 Peculiarities of the residence permit obtained on the basis of the "Native Russian speaker".

* The residence permit in the Russian Federation on the basis of the Russian Native speaker is issued for 3 years.
* The residence permit in Russia on the status of a Russian Native speaker is not extended.
* After receiving a residence permit in Russia,  Russian Native speaker within 2 years, must obtain Citizenship of the Russian Federation.
* You can't get a residence permit in the Russian Federation on the basis of a "Russian Native speaker" twice.

Additional information and other grounds for obtaining a residence permit in Russia

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