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Tens of thousands of foreign students pass through Russian educational institutions every year. In Vorotagorda we have lawyers with vast experience in legal assistance to foreign students in Russia.
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We will provide timely support to foreign students in matters of expulsion from universities, provide assistance to lawyers in extending visas and assistance in lifting the ban on entry Since 2023 there have been many opportunities for foreign students to legalize their status in Russia, with a residence permit and then citizenship of the Russian Federation in the migration legislation of Russia.
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As with any other category of foreign citizens, foreign students will not be excluded of having troubles because of problems associated with expulsion from universities. Expulsion from the university further leads to the annulment of the visa and subsequently to the denial of entry into Russia, if the foreign student has not left the territory of Russia in time.
We are pleased to have helped thousands of foreign students studying at Russian universities under educational programs accredited and licensed by the Ministry of Education. Also, foreign students, who have completed an educational course and received a diploma, we helped them to obtain a residence permit, and subsequently Russian citizenship under a legal procedure, without having to pass the test in Russian language. Also, we have helped to foreign students of sought-after specialties - IT, energy, exact sciences and mush more. Now, from this year, students in these areas also have the opportunity to obtain a residence permit and The citizenship of the Russian Federation.
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