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Set Up Your Company, Branch or Representative Office in Russia

Company Registration Services in Russia

Registration of Companies in Russia

The cost of company registration services

Register your Company in Russia with our service we will make all the steps you need to fulfill for opening a company in Russia easy, fast and secure.
If the Founder of the Company is a personFrom €490.00
We make all the steps for you to opening a company in Russia easy, fast & secure
If the Company founder legal entityFrom €790.00
With us you will save time and avoid unnecessary risks. 

Russian company registration services include:

Counseling on the choice of the ideal organizational and legitimate frame of your firm in Russia. Able to help with enrollment of such lawful substances as:
  • Restricted Obligation Company (LLC is “OOO” in Russia)
  • Joint-Stock Company (“AO” or “PAO” in Russia) 
  • Agent office (RO) or department office of your outside company
  • Russian non-profit organization
Company legal address registration

Preparation of the records bundle required for the company set-up in agreement with the enactment of Russian Federation.

Consulting on the choice of the ideal charge framework and assess enrollment of the company Implementation. of enlistment (planningaccommodation and receipt of archives) with the charge specialists and state insights service.

Preparation and accommodation of archives for opening of settlement account.
Registration of organization with extra-budgetary stores.

The process of company formation will include:

« Drafting establishing archives (counting the company charter)

« Preparing enrollment at the exchange enroll held by charge specialists (“initial registration”)

« Tax registration 

« Registration with the social fund 

« Registration with the annuity fund 

« Registration with the insights specialist
« Getting the company’s seal 

« Opening a bank account 

« Registration of the legitimate address of the company 

« Preparing and endorsing inside company’s approaches (fundamental required approaches): Inner labor rules; Individual information security arrangement; Labor security instruction 

« Preparing a Common executive approach, drafts of labor understanding with common executive and with standard representative

Choose a way to register your company in Russia

With a visit to Russia

In this case, the originator comes to Moscow and we go with the whole prepare of enrolling a unused company on a turnkey basis!

Without a visit to Russia

Documents for enlistment of a company can be issued at the Consulate / Government office of Russia within the nation of the founder. In this case, you'll not have to be come to Russia. There are subtleties in this enlistment strategy - take off a ask and we'll prompt you on all the specifics.

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