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To obtain a residence permit in Russia, a foreign citizen must submit a new residence permit application form, written by hand or printed by computer. The application form must be accompanied vith the following documents:

  • Notarized translation of passport into Russian
  • Documents evidencing that the applicant has the right for permanent registration or he owns some property 
  • Temporary residence permit in Russia
  • Photos 3.5x4.5 cm, 4 pcs.
  • If the applicant has children who have not reached the age 14, it is necessary to show documents proving the consent of child
  • The consent of a minor (less than 14 years of age) to his residence in Russia shall be formalized and certified by a notary.
  • Records from the competent institution that all family members are not drug addicted or do not have infectious diseases that pose a danger to others. The list of infectious diseases is approved by the Ministry of Health of Russia.
  • Documents indicating that all members of the applicant's family are HIV-negative
  • Certificate of Russian knowledge, history, law
  • Copy of Tax payer certificate
  • Documents confirming the availability of funds to ensure normal living conditions for his entire family on the territory of the Russian Federation, based on the minimum subsistence level - Moscow 19 000 rubles / month.
  • Copies of the annual notification of RVP.
  • Application for a residence permit in 2 copies
  • Government fee 5 000 rubles 

We provided only an approximate, universal list of documents that must be collected to apply for a residence permit. The fact is that in each individual case, the list of documents may differ and additional documents will be required. So the list of documents of the applicant applying for a marriage, will coordinately differ from the list of documents of the applicant, who applies for a residence permit by birth. 

From January 1, 2015, each applicant applying for a residence permit must provide a certificate of Russian knowledge, or a document of education, issued before August 1991. The exception is made only for citizens of Belarus, for whom this innovation was later canceled.

All listed documents for residence permit in Russia, received in foreign authorities, must be translated into Russian and certified by a Russian notary. In some cases, foreign documents require legalization through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or apostilization. Depending on the grounds for obtaining a residence permit, these documents may be changed, supplemented by additional papers. The list provided is a list of documents required for obtaining a residence permit in the general procedure.


The applicant's income and its confirmation:

The applicant shall provide information on all sources of income, indicating the amount of funds received. The amount of income must provide a minimum subsistence income for all members of the applicant's family. The minimum amount of income shall be regulated by the subsistence minimum of the region where the process of applying for a residence permit in Russia takes place. Each region of the Russian Federation has its own limit on this amount. The minimum subsistence minimum in Moscow is 19,000 rubles per month. For more information on other regions, you can contact our specialists, and they will help you to understand this issue.

The documents confirming the availability of sources of income of the applicant include: certificate of income; certificate of 2 personal income tax, certificate of rights to inheritance; certificate of the amount of benefits received (issued by representatives of social security bodies); income declaration (must be certified by representatives of tax authorities); certificate of existing deposit in the credit organization (necessarily indicate the account number, for example, a bank account); any other document certifying the receipt of income.

All documents for obtaining a Residence Permit must be executed in accordance with the norms of current Russian legislation! Otherwise they will not be accepted for consideration.


Additional information

If you have any questions about what documents you need to collect, or there are other difficulties in obtaining a residence permit, you can contact a lawyer of our company by phone +7 405 0723011 or by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We also provide advice on migration issues by appointment, at our office.



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