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Visas to Russia: No Clap and Delay at Vorota Goroda.

To enter any country, including Russia, you need a special document issued by the consulate. Visas to Russia are divided into types depending on various factors, including the purpose of a foreign citizen's visit, duration of his stay and the number of border crossings. The main types of entry documents: tourist; commercial; business and work visas.

Obtaining visas to Russia is not a complicated process, but it requires a lot of time and effort if you are involved in the preparation of your own. A more reasonable option is to apply to a specialized company, which has great experience in this field.

"Vorota Goroda" - a company that has been helping citizens of other countries to obtain documents for entry into the Russian Federation FAST and WITHOUT DELATE!


Trusting the process to our team, you:

  • Save time and money
  • You don't do paperwork.
  • Receive the necessary documents as soon as possible


Tourist visa: specifics of issue and validity dates

Tourist visa - the most common and demanded version of the document for crossing the border. The reason - the speed of processing and affordable price. Tourist visa is issued to citizens of other countries, whose plans include finding the territory of Russia not longer than 30 days. The basis for issuing is a voucher of a travel agency (invitation).


IMPORTANT: ONLY companies registered in Rostourism (with an identification number in the register of tour operators) have the right to officially issue the vouchers.

It is necessary to submit either the original voucher (obligatory for countries included in the list of dangerous for migration) or a copy to the consulate.

Work visa: benefits and characteristics

In today's environment, more and more foreign nationals are seeking to enter our country to work. In this case it is necessary to obtain a work visa. The main characteristics of this type of documents:

Grounds - official invitation (permission) of the employer to carry out a particular type of activity.
Time limits - from three to thirty-six months, simpler, up to three years.
Additional opportunities - multiple crossing of the border.

Business visa (commercial visa): appointment and registration procedure.

Commercial visa assumes the presence of a citizen of another state in Russia for the purpose of visiting various exhibitions, expositions, forums; signing contracts and other business purposes.


IMPORTANT: a business visa does not entitle you to work in the Russian Federation!


The reason for issuing a commercial visa is an invitation. Only organizations with accreditation in the Ministry of Internal Affairs have the right to issue such documents. The invitation paper can be: on the letterhead of the sender company itself (for EU citizens); on the MIA letterhead; sent by telex.


Business visas are divided into subtypes depending on the number of visits and their duration:

Single entry visas of up to 3 months duration: 1.

2. 2. Double (up to 3 months)

3. Repeated (from 3 months to 3 years)

There are also student visas that entitle students to study in Russian universities; transit and visitor visas.

"Vorota Goroda": why is it more profitable and faster with us?

Our firm is licensed and accredited by the Ministry of Interior. And also: We constantly cooperate with the state structures involved in the processing of tourist and other types of visas in Russia. Prices for our services are reasonable (payments by installments are possible). Use the unique visa calculator! Our team is multi-lingual: you are provided with support in your native language.

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