Russian permanent residency | Guide to application process




The price for residence permit in Russia (Moscow, Moscow region) in 2022

The basic price for obtaining a residence permit in Russia through the company "Vorota Goroda" is shown in the table below.


The price of RVP for most countries of Latin America


From 30,000 rubles


The price of RVP for citizens of most countries of African continent, Asia

From 40 000 rubles

The price of RVP for citizens of CIS countries

From 10 500 rubles

The price of RVP for citizens of most countries of European Union

From 25 000 rubles

Cost of RVP for citizens of USA, Great Britain, Ireland, Albania, Georgia, Qatar, UAE, Arab Emirates, Syria, Turkey

From 40 000 rubles

A residence permit in Russia may be issued on the basis of  temporary residence permit (RVP) or directly as the first and main procedure. Thus, starting from 2022, privileged categories of foreign citizens who have the opportunity to obtain a residency in Russia in a short period of time, bypassing the first stage of the Temporary Residence Permit were added.


Additional information

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