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Russian Citizenship for Native Russian Speakers

The Russian citizenship law opens up more and more opportunities, one of them is the acquisition of Russian citizenship for the Native Russian Speakers. The mass media continues to inform us that is now possible to obtain citizenship of Russia not only for Ukrainians by the most preferential basis, but also for anyone wishing to do so.

The price of obtaining Citizenship under the program "Native Russian Speaker"

Russian Citizenship for foreign citizens who are Native Russian Speakers

Is it really possible for anyone living in the former USSR to obtain Russian Citizenship now? Let us try to understand this simple at first glance wording.
The statement from Russian citizenship law says than A Native Russian Speaker is a person who can prove his historical and cultural connection with Russia, whose language of communication is Russian. 

Since brake up of Soviet Union there are millions of compatriots living abroad. Many of them settled in Western Europe, United States, Israel and other countries. The idea of Native Russian Speaker program is to collect our former compatriots and their descendants who are wishing to return back to Russia. 

Recognition as a Native Russian Speaker

Given that most of the former Soviet Union speaks Russian, and almost half of them consider it like their native language.  There are some restrictions and requires recognition as a Native Russian Speaker in the law. First of all it is necessary to prove the historical belonging to Russia. If a foreign citizen can prove that his mother, father or even grandparents or other more distant ascendant relatives were born in Russia, the RSFSR or even in the Russian Empire, finished school there, worked or served in the army, then the foreign citizen has the right to obtain recognition that he is Native Russian Speaker. In this case, the most difficult procedure for recognition as a Russian Language Bearer is proof of kinship, as surnames change throughout life and even having live relatives, sometimes it is very difficult to prove a kinship between them. City halls and archives are the only source of such information, but unfortunately, even those organization can not always help.

Other ways to obtain Russian Citizenship

Obtaining Russian citizenship for participants in the State Program for the resettlement of compatriots

Obtaining Russian citizenship by quadripartite agreement

Obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation by parents under a simplified procedure

Obtaining Russian citizenship for children under a simplified procedure

Obtaining Russian Citizenship by marriage under a simplified procedure

Obtaining Russian Citizenship by birth under a simplified procedure

Getting Russian Citizenship for LGBT and non-citizens of Latvia and Estonia

Citizenship application of the Russian Federation


Test of Russian knowledge among Russian speakers

After a foreign citizen has managed to prove his historical and cultural belonging, the next test for Russian citizenship is to check his knowledge of the Russian. The test of Russian for Native Russian Speakers in Moscow and the Moscow region is held by the appointment in Migration service. This exam differs from the one taken by foreigners to obtain RVP (temporary residence permit), residence permit, citizenship.  

Actions after recognition as a Native Russian Speaker

After the foreign citizen has proved that he is Native Russian Speakers and has received the corresponding certificate and the status of Native Russian Speakers, he has an opportunity to start the process of receiving the Russian citizenship. The first and main action after the recognition of Native Russian Speakers is to obtain a residence permit. As it has been described in the previous article, reception of residence permit for Native Russian Speakers, it is a special status which is given to the applicant in reception of Citizenship of the Russian Federation, bypassing RVP (temporary residence permit).

Renunciation of present citizenship by Native Russian Speaker

There are some relief for foreign citizens in citizenship law. Since 2024 renunciation of present citizenship is not needed in obtaining Russian citizenship. 

Obtaining Russian Citizenship for Ukrainian, Belorussian, Moldovan, Kazakh citizens.

Since 2024 citizens of Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova Kazakhstan, obtaining citizenship of Russia like Native Russian Speakers, can obtain Russian citizenship without procedural difficulties such a test of Russian, knowledge of history and Constitution. Also rejection of present citizenship not needed. All other citizens are bound to face the barrier of bureaucratic machine.

Obtaining Russian citizenship for Russian language speakers is a procedure that has many unpleasant surprises. With the help of our lawyers, you save time and insure yourself against knowingly wrong steps. If you are already in the process of obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation under the program Native Russian Speaker, ask for help from professionals! You can make an appointment with our lawyer by phone +7-495-9723011.




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