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The company "VOROTA GORODA" is a reliable assistant at registration and employment of foreign workers in Russia. One of the main directions of our company is assistance to legal entities wishing to register foreign workers and foreign nationals wishing to obtain a work permit in Moscow and the Moscow region. Taking into account the complex procedural processing of documents in the migration services of the Russian Federation, our specialists will provide support on any migration issues related to obtaining a permit to hire foreign workers for the company (PIRS) and a work permit for foreigners.

Due to changes in legislation regarding the registration of foreign workers, from January 1, 2015, CIS citizens will no longer need to obtain a work permit. It is replaced by a single labour patent, which is valid for both private and legal entities. As for the citizens of non-CIS countries, the employer will still have to draw up all the necessary documents to formalize and obtain a work permit, according to the old scheme, for its employees.


Our Company Vorota Goroda provides the following service for employers interested in registration of employees from abroad:

  •  Accreditation of companies in FMS of Moscow, Moscow Region
  •  Registration of invitations for work visas in Russia
  •  Quota/off-quota registration of non-CIS nationals
  •  Registration of highly qualified specialists (HQS)
  •  Registration of workers under intergovernmental agreements by France, with the Republic of Korea


We also offer an accompanying service, in partial registration of foreign workers:

  •  PIRS registration (permit for foreign labour)
  •  Help with the medical examination of foreign workers
  •  Documents services for the delivery/removal of migration records
  •  Workforce quota services
  •  Services for notification of official bodies
  •  TIN service for foreign nationals
  •  Escorting an English-speaking specialist to government agencies and consulates

Specialists of our company Vorota Goroda will provide comprehensive consultations on the registration of foreign workers.

You can find out the prices for our services by calling +7 495 9723011 or making a written request by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Also, you can get free consultation, having agreed with us in advance, in our office, at Moscow, metro. Sukharevskaya, 27/29 Sretenka St., office 206



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