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What are your actions after you have received the RVP?

What should a foreigner do when he received RVP (Temporary residence permit)? There are procedures that a foreigner should know about after receiving RVP.

● After receiving of Temporary Residence Permit (RVP) it is necessary to register temporarily for a period of 3 years at the place of residence.

● After receiving Temporary Residence Permit, citizens of visa-enter countries must apply for temporary stay visa (RVP visa)  for a period of 3 years.

● After receiving RVP, a foreign citizen must register in Federal Tax Service for tax purposes within a week.

● Once a Temporary Residence Permit has been issued, there is no need to apply for a work permit or patent

● After registration of the RVP, a foreign citizen has the right to open a legal entity of an "individual entrepreneur" (IE) or a limited liability company (LLC).

● After receiving a Temporary Residence Permit, a foreign citizen has immunity from conscription to military or civil service of Russian Federation.

● After receiving RVP, the foreign citizen, after 3 years can not extend this status, but has the right to obtain a residence permit (residence permit). Submission of documents for a residence permit is carried out not earlier than in 8 months of residence on the Temporary Residence Permit and not later than in 4 months before the end of the RVP term.

● In case of passport replacement or loss, the foreign citizen should apply to the authorities of the Migration service of the Head department of the Ministry of internal affairs of Russia, fill up an application form, and stamp the permission for temporary residence, and register at the local office of residence, in the new passport.

● Since 2024 year after receiving RVP, a foreign citizen may apply for a residence permit in 8 month after receiving the RVP. The status of a Temporary Residence Permit cannot be extended, the holder of this status may apply for a Residence Permit at least 4 months before the end of the Temporary Residence Permit.

● A foreign citizen holding a Temporary Residence Permit must reside in the Russian Federation for a total of at least 180 days per year, otherwise he may face annulment of his RVP status as a result of clarification of this circumstance.

● A foreign citizen with the status of a Temporary Resident Permission must annually notify migration service, at his/her place of residence and registration, within 2 months after the expiry of one year from the date of issue of the Temporary Resident Permit.

● Annual notification forms have to be kept. You will need them to apply for a residence permit in Russia.

● In case of refusal or cancellation of RVP, new applying for this status can be made not earlier than in one year.

● Foreign nationals have the right to freedom of movement in the country once they receive the RVP.

● Once a RVP has been issued, you are entitled to employment, only in the region where you got your RVP.

● Once a Temporary Residence Permit has been received, this migration status does not entitle the holder to work in state institutions with access to secrecy.

Additional information for those receiving RVPs in general order

Holders of the Temporary Residence Permit status must have a clear understanding of the specifics of that status and strictly abide by the rules of migration law. Violation of these particularities and rules leads to fines, cancellation of the RVP, turnarounds at the border and even expulsion and prohibition of entry into Russia.

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