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Permanent residence permit

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residence permit

It gives a foreign citizen the right to live and work on the entire territory of Russia. The residence permit is valid indefinitely.
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You pay the cost of services in parts: half of the amount at the conclusion of the contract, the other half after we do the work and prepare all the necessary documents for you.


Our main task is to save our clients time, nerves and money, while guaranteeing a positive outcome and taking responsibility for the outcome of the case at all times!

Our attorneys have developed and selected special paper matching procedures for each individual case. We have fully refined and tested the entire process of obtaining a permanent residence permit. The entire procedure is performed by professionals with extensive experience.

Our specialists will do everything legal for you to obtain a permanent residence permit:

We prepare all necessary documents for you, make translations, help you pass a medical commission in hours, which usually takes several days, and pass an exam on knowledge of the Russian language, history and legislation of Russia. When submitting an application, you are accompanied by our lawyer, which allows you to submit an application without queues and many days of waiting, as well as to avoid refusal of employees to accept documents. We provide you with full legal assistance and support.

In addition, if necessary, we will help you to challenge the actions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

All you have to do at the appointed time personally, accompanied by our lawyer, is to sign in the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and submit the documents. And also at the appointed time to personally pick up the finished document.

And most importantly, all this is fast, high quality, in accordance with legal requirements and with a guarantee!

Online Preparation of all documents for permanent residence

When you pay for this service, we will be in contact all time with you. We send you all the documents by certified mail and email. We make the process much easier for you from the comfort of your home. You pay one half when you contract the service. The other half you pay when you have seen your documents done and they are ready to be sent by us. We will give you a tracking number. The mail is insured.

Permanent Residence

₽18900 / 3 days 

(minimum 72 hours)

Included in this price

  • Gathering and preparing all documents
  • Filling out the application forms
  • Translation of a certificate of criminal record
  • Translation of all pages of a foreign citizen's passport certified by a notary
  • Instructions on how to take photos correctly
  • List of all the documents required to submit the application for permanent residency.

    X- Help to get medical checkup. Only Recommendations of where to get it. 

    X- Help to get Russian language test. Only Recommendations of where to get it.

In-person service

Full help in obtaining Permanent residence permit.

Permanent residence permit

  • What is included in the service:
  • -Gathering and preparing all documents.
  • -Filling out an application forms.
  • -Legal Translation of all pages of a foreign citizen's passport.
  • -Translation of a certificate of criminal record.
  • -Assistance in getting the medical certificates fast and easy.
  • -Assistance and help in obtaining the valid Russian language certificate.
  • -We make sure that nothing is missing.
  • Additional services, if necessary:
  • Legal assistant accompanying you when you file the application

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