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Obtaining RVP (temporary residence permit) in general order is the first step obtaining process of Russian citizenship in the general order. The term in the general order is used for three stages of obtaining Russian Federation citizenship. Obtaining RVP is a first step, the second step is obtaining permanent residence permit, and the third stage is submitting for Russian Citizenship. RVP (temporary residency) in the general order is a term referring to the procedure when a foreign citizen submits documents without any privileges and benefits in procedure and in terms. In further foreigner receives a residence permit in the general order and finally gets Citizenship of Russian Federation in the general order. The term Citizenship in the general order is spelled out in the Russian Citizenship Law. All three stages of obtaining Citizenship on general order are described in detail in law.

First step of obtaining citizenship in general order, can be described as obtaining a quota for a RVP. A foreign citizen applies for a quota; after a quota is allocated, he/she has the right to submit documents for a RVP. Full process to receive Russian passport in general order takes more than 6 years, since documents were submitted for RVP. Since the permanent residence permit 2024 became termless in 2024, the foreign citizen receives a residence permit, lives on it at least five years, after which he has the opportunity to submit documents for Russian citizenship.


The price of obtaining RVP in general procedure

The procedure of obtaining RVP in general order

Unfortunately, the procedure shows us that not all regions are ready to accept documents for Citizenship in the general order. Moscow does't accepted documents in general order for many years. It means than foreign citizen after he got his lucky quota and many years of stay in Russia, should make some ties in Russia. For such ties citizenship law provides such opportunities as marriage with Russian citizen or having children who have Russian citizenship. Those opportunities let the foreigner to submit documents in simplified order.

Additional information for those receiving RVP under the general order

Obtaining RVP in a simplified order.

As described above, obtaining a RVP  in the general order is not a simple procedure. Each region establishes its own quotas for obtaining Temporary Residence in Russia (RVP) and also imposes certain criteria. A simplified procedure for obtaining a RVP deletes these difficulties. Basis for simplified application to a RVP :


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