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Each case for obtaining RVP (Temporary Resident Permit) involves its own list of documents necessary for the submission and processing of this migration status.
The documents for obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit are divided into main and additional documents. The main documents for obtaining RVP are collected for any of the grounds for a RVP (Temporary Residence Permit) status.

These include:
Passport (valid for at least 6 months).
Passport translation (necessary to correctly fill in the application for the issuance of a RVP)
Migration card
Notification of migration registration, or in other words temporary registration
Photo, 35x45 mm, 4 pcs.
Medical certificates (valid for 3 months)
Government fee
Application form for RVP (in 2 copies)


Documents for obtaining RVP only for citizens of visa-entry countries:

Valid Russian visa
Crime report with apostil with a period of validity not exceeding 3 months.

Additional documents for obtaining the RVP:

* Test result confirming knowledge of Russian language, history and basics of Russian legislation
* Documents of education (required for those who studied before 1991 and finished school in Soviet Union)
* Birth certificates and other documents evidencing a change of surname
* Work patent or work permit (with receipts for payment the patent for the whole period of its validity),
* In case of receipt of RVP without a quota, it is necessary to provide the following grounds: Birth Certificate (if born on the territory of the RSFSR or Russian Federation), Marriage Certificate and a copy of the spouse's Russian passport, pension certificate of an incapacitated parent, citizen of the Russian Federation and a copy of his passport, etc.
I would also like to note that the required documents for obtaining the RVP may be changed due to internal rules of the district departments of the Migration Department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and personally at the discretion of the inspectors receiving your documents.
When submitting documents for receiving RVP, it is necessary to take into account the region, district, and district where documents for obtaining RVP were submitted.

All foreign documents must be translated into Russian and certified by a Russian notary. However, in some cases, the documents should also be certified with an apostille. These requirements apply to citizens of non-CIS countries, whose countries have not concluded an agreement with Russia to recognize their documents in Russia.

Lawers of VOROTA GORODA will prepare all the necessary documents for obtaining RVP, taking into account the requirements of a particular district department of Moscow and Moscow region. We will translate and assure your documents regarding the rules and transcription of the Russian language. We will save your time by avoiding complexities and huge queues.

Additional information required in the process of obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit.


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