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For permanent stay in Russia, children as well as adults need a residence permit. This document is required if the child will arrive to Russia for more than 180 days per year.  Residence permit required for registration at school, kindergarten, in any other educational institution. You can apply for a residence permit in Russia in the Migration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation at the place of stay, filling an application form for a residence permit and attaching all the necessary documents.

Russian legislation implies 3 options for obtaining a residence permit for the child of a foreign citizen in Russia:

An applicant submits the documents for Russian Federation residence permit for himself and for child, as an accompanying family member.
An applicant shall submit documents for child on the basis of the residence permit he or she has received in Russia.
An applicant is a foreign citizen with a residence permit in the Russian Federation, but child was born on the territory of the Russian Federation.
To obtain a residence permit for a child, the documents must be submitted in the district department of the Migration Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the parents' place of residence. As in the case of parents, this status takes from 3 to 6 months, depending on the grounds for obtaining a residence permit.

When applying for residence permit for a child, please note: Features of obtaining a residence permit for a child in Russia

Since February 2015, the child no longer needs to register his or her consent to move to Russia.
Until the age of 16, the child may be registered in the parents' residence permit.
The validity of a child's residence permit is equal to the validity period of the parents' residence permit, even if a child was born in Russia.
The validity of Residence Permit for a child depends of the grounds for obtaining it.

Additional information and other options for obtaining a residence permit (residence permit)

When obtaining a residence permit (residence permit), the child's parents have an alternative - to obtain a residence permit by entering data in their document - in the residence permit or obtaining a separate document of the residence permit for the child. With regard to convenience and contingencies, a separate document allows the child to travel outside of Russia, with a person accompanying him. In case of a mark in documents of the Residence permit of parents, the child can leave only accompanied by that parent in whose document the data of the child have been entered.

The company "City Gate" provides assistance and full comfort support in the process of obtaining a residence permit (residence permit) for the child. Because of changes in legislation and practice in the application process, we recommend that you come to our office and discuss all the nuances of your individual situation, after which our specialists will offer you the best solution.

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