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On 1 January 2015, amendments to Russian migration legislation concerning labour migrants from CIS countries came into force. Instead of a work permit, a patent is introduced for citizens of these countries to work on the territory of the Russian Federation, which allows to work both for legal entities, individuals and individual entrepreneurs.


Significant changes are being made to the process of obtaining a work patent.

Now, when crossing the border, when filling in the migration card, it is necessary to indicate the purpose of entry - WORK.
within 7 days of compulsory registration at the place of stay
Get a medical report on the absence of HIV and other diseases
take out VHI (voluntary health insurance)
get a certificate of Russian language skills, history, constitution and law
After receipt of all necessary certificates and certificates, the IG (foreign national) has the right to submit documents for a patent for work, necessarily within 30 days from the date of entry. If the DG (foreign national) does not have time to submit the documents within this period, there is a procedure of administrative penalty, which is equal from 10 to 15 thousand rubles, or entry and exit for the Russian Federation.

PIT fee for a patent

The state fee for a patent from January 01, 2015 is 4,000 rubles per month. In contrast to the practice of the previous state duty, now it is possible to pay both for 1 month and for 12 months at once, but no more than for 12 months - now this is the maximum term of validity of the Patent for Work. Payment of tax for the patent is made on a monthly basis, and there is an important condition: payment for the next month, must be made 2 (two) days before the date of the patent (add a month from the date of printing and take two days), a little earlier you can pay, LAST already overdue.

What will happen to the patents received in 2014.

Patents received in 2014 are valid as long as they have been paid for, but no more than until March 2015.

Necessary documents:

Notarized copy of the passport, translate and certify ourselves if necessary.
Photo 3*4 color matte,
Copy of migration card (purpose of entry WORK).
Copy of registration by place of residence.

Fees for obtaining a work patent through our Company Vorota Goroda.


Patent for work in Moscow 1 person


19000 rubles

Patent for work in Moscow 2-5 persons


18500 rubles

Patent for work in Moscow 5- and more people


18,000 rubles


* The state duty of 4000 rubles is not included in the price.
* Region of action: Moscow
* The term for a Work Patent is 1 month.
* We accept documents only with a fresh migration card, at the entrance not more than a week

What is our assistance in applying for a job patent?

Vorota Goroda - provides assistance in the preparation of all necessary certificates and documents necessary to obtain a work patent and organized filing of the migration center.
1. We're assisting with the VMS policy.
2. provide assistance in passing the Russian language test
3. help with the medical tests (in the accelerated version)
4. Solving issues related to temporary registrations
5. help fill out and submit all necessary applications

Thanks to us, your visits to the migration centre will be kept to a minimum, you will apply for and receive your fingerprints and a patent in an organized queue.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by phone +7 495 9723011 from 10:00 to 18:00 on working days, write us a letter at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us at Moscow, Moscow. Sukharevskaya, 27/29 Sretenka St., office 206, where we will provide you with free advice on this or other migration issues.



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