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How much does it cost to lift the ban on entry into Russia?

This question cannot be answered without familiarizing yourself with the case of a foreign citizen who has been deported or is to be deported. The price to lift the ban on entry into Russia is composed of many factors. The fundamental factor is the reason for the ban on entry, under which article the ban was imposed, as well as related conditions - how long the ban on entry was received, the citizenship of the foreign citizen, on what grounds he was in Russia, family status, type of employment, etc. Having studied the case, having estimated the volume of work, it is possible to determine precisely what the price for lifting the ban on entry into Russia is.


The price to lift the ban on entry into Russia administratively

The administrative procedure for lifting an entry ban implies that the decision to lift the ban is taken by the organization in which it was imposed. Accordingly, the price of the migration lawyer's work consists of the work-hours spent on this process. The average price of this process is 35,000 rubles.


The price to lift the ban on entry into Russia through the court

This procedure is more predictable and understandable for a migration lawyer. Writing motions, complaints, claims to the courts is part of the daily legal work. In addition, the terms of consideration of any claim in court, in advance discussed by law. Accordingly, the price and terms for the removal of the ban on entry into Russia through the court more predictable. The approximate average price for this process is 25,000 rubles.


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The migration lawyers of the City Gate Company are ready to take up the process of lifting the ban on entry through the court and in administrative order. Extensive experience in solving such issues enables our clients to return to live and work in Russia. If you have any questions related to the ban on entry into Russia, proceed to a decision without delay. Delaying each day may lead to more complicated schemes to resolve this issue. Call +7-495-9723011 and write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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