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Countries with visa-free entry into the Russian Federation.

Visa-free regime is a concept from the category of international law. Its essence is in the order of relations between two States, in which their citizens can cross the borders of countries that signed the relevant interstate agreement without having a special document - visa. The simplified regime assumes certain term of stay of the foreign citizen on the territory of Russia. As a rule, it does not exceed 90 days (there are peculiarities for some countries). However, it can be extended in the order established by law.

The list of visa-free countries changes periodically. The process directly depends on the political and economic situation. At present, countries with visa-free entry:

CIS countries (Belarus, Kirgizia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Moldova). Until recently Ukraine was also included in this list, but now the visa regime with this country is undergoing the procedure of change.
Latin American states (Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Guatemala, Uruguay, Chile, Nicaragua, Peru, Ecuador) as well as the Republic of Cuba.
Countries applying for membership in the European Union (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia). Until November 2015, Turkey was on the list, relations with which had sharply deteriorated due to the situation in Syria.
Visa-free countries also include Israel and Thailand.


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