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Entry ban at the airport: procedure and solutions

The most common place to obtain an entry ban is at the airport. There are many reasons for this. The main reason is the new programs and equipment that more closely monitor all the violators according to the international agreements and practices.


The price to lift the entry ban

A ban on entry at the airport is distinguished by the fact that a foreigner cannot leave the territory of the Russian Federation unhindered by crossing the border as in the usual case. If there is a documented ban on entry at the airport, foreigners, depending on the country of arrival, will have to spend some time in a specially designated room. The reasons for the ban on entry into the Russian Federation may vary. Among other things:


During the standard check of entry documents (passports, etc.), the employees of the Border Guard Service found significant violations:

Their authenticity
Incorrect information provided to the entry (identity, purpose of visit, etc.)
Incorrect registration
Specialists of the PS FSB of the Russian Federation upon request to the MIA of the Ministry of Internal Affairs found out that a citizen of another state is forbidden to enter the Russian Federation (he committed an administrative offence or did not leave the country within the required period).
Expulsion on the basis of a ban on entry at the airport

According to the Law "On the State Border of the Russian Federation", Federal Law "On the Procedure for Entry and Exit from the Russian Federation" and the Administrative Offences Code, after checking the ban on entry, a person may be deported to his or her home country within the period of time directly established by regulatory legal acts.

The intervention of a qualified migration lawyer will help to avoid such a development. He is obliged not only to check the prohibition of entry, but also, if there are grounds for the prohibition of entry at the airport, to draw up an application for a person to be allowed to cross the Russian Federation border. The document must be accompanied by official papers serving as evidence for lifting the ban on entry into Russia (court decisions, etc.).

Entry ban in the presence of RVP

Entry bans can even be issued to PRTR holders. Usually, a PRTR holder learns about an entry ban when a PRTR has already been cancelled and the foreign national faces a number of challenges in dealing with the issue. An entry ban in the presence of a PRTR may involve further difficulties in applying for a Russian residence permit.

Prohibition on entry into the Russian Federation

Lifting the ban on entry into Russia

For questions related to the cancellation of the decision on the entry permit and issues with the cancellation of the ban on entry at the airport, you can contact the qualified migration lawyers of the company "Vorota Goroda" by phone +7-495-9723011, by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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