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Quota for RVP in Moscow and Moscow region in 2024

The process for obtaining quota for RVP in Moscow and in Moscow region in 2024 is described in the article below. Why do we need a quota for RVP (Temporary residence permit) and who can get it? Our company offers assistance and support in obtaining RVP quota in Moscow and in Moscow region. We organize high quality concierge service for those who appreciates time.

Quota for RVP, a familiar phrase for every foreigner starting obtaining RVP

Quota for RVP is a first step of legalization in Russia for those who does't have any ground to receive RVP in simplified order.

To obtain a quota is the next issue that faces up every foreign citizen who decides legally establish himself in the Russian Federation. Who does need a quota for the RVP and who does not? let's try to figure out it.

price for RVP quota


Quota for RVP in Moscow and in Moscow region

Quotas are allocated for RVP in order to distribute migrant flows to demographically low regions. Accordingly, the quota for the RVP in Moscow in 2024 not exceeded 2,000 permits per year, and the Moscow Region has allocated 8,000 permits. Practice shows that the number of those who is wishing to receive a quota for the RVP in Moscow or in Moscow region is many times higher than the available quota. Each subject of Russian Federation independently regulates the distribution of quotas, required criteria and documents, while allocating the necessary specialists from among the applicants. The law does not provide precise regulations for issuing quotas, so each region regulates the criteria for applicants selection independently. In Moscow and the Moscow Region, established special commission for selection of quota challengers.

The quota for RVP in 2024 was not significantly lower than the year before. In recent years, the quota for Moscow and for Moscow region has been significantly reduced. Accordingly, all interested parties wishing to receive a quota for RVP in 2024 should prepare in advance and apply for it. As in the past year, the quotas for 2024 will be mainly allocated to CIS citizens and former compatriots, who will have an advantage over all other foreign citizens in this matter. And we should not forget about the citizens of Ukraine, who receive 60% of all allocated quotas.

General selection criteria for quota applicants can be age, knowledge of Russian language, education. At the same time, each region may need specialists of some specialty, and then special attention is paid to what profession the applicant has and whether he is employed in this profession at the time of application. So if we compare the allocation of quotas in the Tver Region and in Moscow, the Tver Region pays more attention to candidates of labour professions, while in Moscow candidates with management, engineering and education skills. You can analyze your chances of getting a quota by contacting some local Russian Employment Center and find out which specialists the region needs most at the moment. If you have a profession and experience that the region needs and you understand that you can be useful to the region, your chances are definitely improved.

Quota for Ukrainian citizens in 2024

As for citizens of all other countries, the quota for RVPs for Ukrainian citizens will be allocated on the same grounds as for other CIS citizens. In other words, CIS citizens have more advantages than citizens of non-CIS countries and this is explained by the fact that Russia has a common history with CIS citizens, the language issue and understanding of Russian culture have been resolved with applicants for the RVP quota. All this gives significant advantages when applying for the RVP quota. 

RVP without a quota

The process by which a foreigner begins to have rights and certain opportunities is to obtain RVP . Those who have grounds are entitled to receive a RVP without a quota.

Grounds for receiving RVPs without a quota can be used:

RVP without a quota - in case of marriage with a Russian citizen 
RVP without a quota - for minor children and incapacitated foreign nationals whose parents or guardians received RVP
RVP without a quota - foreign citizens who had USSR citizenship and received education in Russia
RVP without a quota - Ukrainian citizens who have received temporary asylum or refugee status in Russia
RVP without a quota - if a foreign citizen serves in Russian Army
RVP without a quota-  in case if foreigner got bachelor degree or higher in Russia and has a diploma with distinction

If you do not have the above reasons, you will need a quota for RVP to obtain a Temporary Resident Permit.


Additional information for those receiving RVPs as a general rule

Lawers of our company will help you to find the grounds to receive (Temporary Residence Permit) or organize the receiving of RVP quota. We provide full support from the date of your entry into the Russian Federation until you obtain the Temporary Resident Permit (RVP) status. You can visit us for one-time consultation or for complex service of registration and receiving RVP quota.

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