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The laws of any State in the world provide for the procedure of withdrawal or even renunciation of nationality, just as any State in the world has laws governing the acquisition of nationality. As a rule, withdrawal from Nationality is conditional on obtaining the Nationality of another State when one of those States prohibits the existence of a second nationality. Many countries allow a second citizenship, or even dual citizenship. For example, the U.S. allows its citizens to be citizens of any country, and Germany withdraws its citizenship if it appears that its citizen is still a member of any other citizenship. A Cypriot citizen cannot be a citizen of Turkey, and citizens of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are allowed to be citizens of NATO and EU countries only, while they are strictly forbidden to have a second Russian citizenship.


The price of assistance in leaving the citizenship of the Russian Federation

Dual Citizenship in Russia
Russia does not prohibit having a second citizenship. There were even double citizenship agreements with some countries, but they were unilaterally terminated by both Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. Since Russia, like the USA, is a multinational federal state, the same as in the USA is allowed to have a second citizenship, but only if this citizenship was acquired as a second citizenship, after Russia.

Notification of Nationality
At the same time, if a foreign citizen receives Citizenship of the Russian Federation, before submitting an application for Citizenship of the Russian Federation, he shall be obliged, in a notarial form, to notify his state that he renounces his real citizenship in favor of Russian citizenship. In practice such notice will not deprive you of Citizenship, but thanks to it your state to which the signal that you enter the Citizenship of Russia is given is put. If you look through the application form for Russian Citizenship, at the end of this application it is printed in small print that within 8 months after the acquisition of Russian Citizenship, a new citizen undertakes to bring a certificate that he has withdrawn from his previous citizenship. In practice, someone brings such a document, someone does not, because sometimes it is simply impossible to withdraw from your real citizenship. This is how Ukraine stopped depriving its citizens of citizenship, who travel to Russia for permanent residence and prepare documents for emigration. At the same time, when the citizens of Ukraine formalize Citizenship of the European Union, the exit from Citizenship is maximally simplified, and takes about 6-8 months, after paying all fines and debts to Ukraine.

Withdrawal from Citizenship
Withdrawal from citizenship can be both voluntary and forced. And on the second option to lose Russian citizenship, may be a person agitating for the overthrow of power, anti-constitutional actions, for calls to terrorism and other anti-state actions. But getting out of citizenship on personal initiative can be much harder, longer and not free. First, you are checked by the special services and tax authorities, if they have no claims, then the state duty is paid and a "reinforced concrete document" is issued, which has no retroactive effect on your rights as a citizen - withdrawal from citizenship is over. Withdrawal from Citizenship is usually processed through the consular office of a foreign country, and deprivation of citizenship is processed through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with expulsion from the country and further prohibition of entry.

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