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Visa to Russia is a document entitling a foreign citizen to enter Russia. Visa to Russia is obtained on the territory of a foreign state, in the consular office of the Russian Federation, in the urgent and usual order. Visas come in different categories and terms, depending on the purpose of stay. Short visas - from one month to three are usually granted to foreign citizens going to visit Russia for the purpose of tourist travel or private visit, business and commercial visas are granted from 1 to 5 years - depending on the citizenship of the applicant, the purpose of travel. Usually such visas are issued to entrepreneurs and technicians who service equipment. There are countries with a simplified visa regime, with which intergovernmental agreements are concluded, under which their citizens visa to Russia is obtained in a simplified procedure or is not required at all, for certain types of trips and for a certain period of time.

How do I get a visa to Russia? The question, the answer to which thousands of foreign travelers are looking for every day. Important points in the choice of visa are visa terms, type of visa and documents for a visa to Russia, which must be collected to obtain a visa to Russia. Obtaining a visa to Russia, a question that is of great concern to foreign tourists, entrepreneurs, students - the difficulty of obtaining an invitation for a visa, collecting the necessary documents, proof of their non-immigrant intentions. All these procedures are not so terrible if you contact a specialist.

The company "Vorota Goroda" has been successfully processing Russian visas for over 5 years. We know all the nuances of the process and guarantee everyone who applied for an official entry document promptly!


The activity of our company is licensed.
We are accredited by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.
Our team actively cooperates with government agencies at all stages of visa application for Russia.
Visa to Russia for foreigners: varieties and expiration dates

There are two main parameters by which visas to Russia are divided into types: the number of visits to the country and their purpose.


Depending on the plans of the incoming country, Russian visas are classified by:

- Tourist visa to Russia. This visa to Russia is the easiest to obtain. Its validity period is 30 days. The process of issuing requires a citizen of another state to have an invitation for a visa, which we make in 1 working day. - Business visa or Business visa to Russia. Such visas to Russia are issued to people who come to the country to negotiate, sign contracts, participate in congresses and for other business purposes. In this case a visa to Russia for a foreigner is issued only on the basis of an invitation written on a letterhead of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or sent by Telex, for a period from 1 to 5 years. The invitation for visa can be issued in our office urgently - from one day, and in the usual order for 21 days. - Working visa to Russia has an average duration of validity - 3 years, needed by foreign nationals of foreign countries coming to the Russian Federation to work. - Student visa. The required documents for this visa to Russia, in addition to the main ones - an agreement with an educational institution and confirmation of full payment for the course. Visa for the period up to one year (with extension if necessary). - Individual visa (visitor visa to Russia) is issued by the Consulate. Duration - up to 90 days. Any Russian citizen can issue an invitation for a guest visa in the District Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs within 21 days. Visas to Russia are divided into single-entry, double-entry, multiple-entry visas (peculiarities of registration depend on the main citizenship and availability of visits to our country before that).

Why is applying to Vorota Goroda a reasonable choice?


Visas to Russia are divided into single entry, double entry, multiple entry visas (peculiarities of registration depend on the main citizenship and availability of visits to our country before that).


Why apply to the company "Vorota Goroda" - a reasonable choice?


We issue ALL types of visas to Russia for foreigners. Besides that:

Our rates are affordable and democratic, it is possible to pay in installments. There is a convenient visa calculator on our website.
We provide support in the client's native language (English, French, Italian, German, etc.).
Our team works harmoniously, consistently and efficiently.
At each stage of obtaining a visa to Russia, we inform the customer about the procedure.
Do you know how to get a visa to Russia? Do you want to spend time in queues filling out dozens of forms?


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