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The most common things in migration law are prohibition to enter the Russian Federation, expulsion, deportation. Things that can happen to almost any foreign citizen who is negligent about his presence in Russia. As a rule, a foreign citizen learns about the existence of a ban on entry into the Russian Federation directly when crossing the border or at another most inappropriate moment. Even with a temporary residence permit, foreign nationals are still at risk of being expelled from Russia. Even permanently residing foreign nationals with much more rights may end up in the risk group for one reason or another, be deported and deprived of their residence permit.


Decision not to allow entry: the essence of the term

Russian legislation enshrines a clear concept of not allowing entry into the territory of the Russian Federation, but in everyday speech one can often hear identical expressions - a ban on entry into Russia or presence on the "black list of migrants".
These notions are similar in their meaning, but when drafting official documents the exact wording is used - the decision not to allow entry.


Lifting the ban on entry into the Russian Federation

Who puts a ban on entry

A number of state structures are endowed with an entry ban. Among them are: Migration Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Rospotrebnadzor, FSB, SVR and other departmental structures.

As a rule, a court decides not to allow entry into the Russian Federation on the basis of protocols of the Migration Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. If the foreigner is on the territory of the Russian Federation at that moment, the prohibition to enter the Russian Federation may be associated with expulsion or even deportation, the difference between these terms is only the difference between voluntary and forced departure from the country. The FSB border units also issue protocols on not allowing entry if the case concerns violation of the terms of stay in the country. A ban on entry may also be imposed on the basis of unpaid fines from the traffic police and other administrative offences that exceed two within a year.

The concept of undesirable stay in Russia is another term similar in importance to the ban on entry, which is imposed by the decision of Rospotrebnadzor. Appealing such an act is very similar to challenging the process of not permitting entry.


The price of removal of an entry ban

Prohibition on entry into the Russian Federation: where and how to know about its existence?

The most difficult thing is that a foreign citizen does not know until the last moment that he is banned from entering Russia, and usually finds out about it at the most inappropriate moment by crossing the border. In order to obtain a comprehensive answer to the existence of a ban on entry, the request is submitted to the Migration Service in person or by a trusted person. Within ten days, the State agency must provide a written reply.

What should a foreigner do when not permitted to enter the Russian Federation?

Wherever there is an action of prohibition of entry - in the courtroom or at the border crossing point, a foreign citizen has the right to issue copies of the decisions and decisions on refusal of entry, as well as on copies of all documents where his signature is put. In the future, these copies will be key to lifting the ban on entry into the Russian Federation. The second necessary step for a foreigner "sentenced" to be expelled from Russia is to call a migration lawyer and notify his/her relatives.

Only by contacting competent specialists with experience in the field of migration can the expulsion and non-admission to the Russian Federation be suspended without further consequences. If you have already encountered the fact that you or your relatives are not allowed to enter Russia, please contact the "Vorota Goroda" company. Get advice and make a decision. Call +7 495 9723011.




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