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Extension and renewal of residence permit (residence permit) in Russia

Renew the residence permit with an extension for termless - new opportunity in 2024. Those who got Residence permit till this year for term of 5 years, have an opportunity to change it for termless.  Replacement or renewal of residence permit is a process through which a foreign citizen can stay in Russia with no term, have the rights to be a member of Russian society, as well as to be able to apply for Russian citizenship.

If a foreign citizen is on the way to obtain Russian citizenship in the general order, then after receiving a residence permit he must live at least 5 years by the residence permit, renew it and only then he will have the right to apply for citizenship of Russia.


What is a permanent residence permit  in Russia?

Compared to European countries or the United States, Russia also appeared the concept of termless residence permit since 2024, which in the future will not need to be extended again. 


Where to renew a residence permit in Moscow for a termless?

As we have already written in our news articles, now from October 2024 all the procedures associated with the replacement of residence permit for an indefinite period of time, take place in the Multifunctional Migration Center, which is located in the village of Voronovskoye, Warsaw highway, 64th km, home ownership 1, page. 47. Replacement of the residence permit, as well as its original issuance, takes place in one building and in one queue.

What is the difference between applying for and renewing a residence permit?

There is certainly a difference between these two processes. Extension of a residence permit (residence permit) in Russia is a more simplified process, compared to obtaining a residence permit. When renewing a residence permit (residence permit) Migration Service requires from the applicant a limited number of certificates and other documents. At the same time, confirmation of knowledge of the Russian language, history, right will have to prove every time you extend a residence permit in Russia, if you have not provided these documents when applying for a residence permit.

Terms of prolongation of the residence permit in Russia for an indefinite period of time.

Submission of documents for extension of the residence permit shall take place at least 2 months before the residence permit itself expires. These terms are regulated by the fact that the process of extending a residence permit in Russia itself takes 2 months. The recommended time limits for submission of documents for the renewal of the Residence Permit are 4 months. It is necessary to take into account the queues and other unforeseen circumstances that may occur when applying for the renewal of the residence permit in Russia.


Additional information to the extension of residence permit in Moscow and the Moscow region.

How "Vorotagoroda" helps in extending the residence permit in Russia?

Like any migration process, the replacement and renewal of a residence permit in Russia has its own subtleties and complications. In this article we have not started to describe the list of documents requested by the Migration Service, as it may be different in each case. You can contact our lawyers and they will provide you with free consultation in collecting the necessary documents for the extension and replacement of your Russian Federation residence permit for an indefinite period. You can also use a comprehensive service in the submission of documents for the renewal and replacement of your Resident Permit in Russia. In this case, you do not have to stand in queues, risk the "correctness" of their documents to come back and stand in line again. All difficult and unpleasant moments for you we will decide. Make an appointment for a consultation.

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