Price for getting RVP in Moscow | Temporary Recidence




The price of receiving RVP in Moscow, Moscow Region in 2022:

The price for assistance in obtaining RVP (temporary residence permit) in Moscow, Moscow region in 2022 depends on many factors, such as the citizenship of a foreign citizen, the availability of grounds for submission, the number of collected documents, translations of documents in Russian, legalization and apostille. Analysis of your documents is one of the key moments to start applying for RVP. The price of RVP assistance in 2022 may change based on many factors, even the place of birth may change the price. The main factor for pricing the RVP is the amount of time spent by lawyer working with your case. At the bottom of the table are indicative starting prices in 2022, for some categories of foreign countries. You can check the prices for citizens who are not on the list calling to the office of our company.

The price of RVP for most countries of Latin America


From 30,000 rubles


The price of RVP for citizens of most countries of African continent, Asia

From 40 000 rubles

The price of RVP for citizens of CIS countries

From 10 500 rubles

The price of RVP for citizens of most countries of European Union

From 25 000 rubles

Cost of RVP for citizens of USA, Great Britain, Ireland, Albania, Georgia, Qatar, UAE, Arab Emirates, Syria, Turkey

From 40 000 rubles

Price for filling up an application form for RVP - 2022 rubles

Price to cancel RVP - 20 000 rubles

Price for the annual RVP notification from 5 000 rubles

The price for obtaining the quota for RVP in the Moscow region - by personal request (depends of many factors such age, citizenship, marital status etc.)


The price of a RVP also varies depending on the grounds, number of required documents and their availability. A temporary residence permit may be issued on one of the listed grounds:



Initial prices for the listed list of bases can also be found in the table above. All listed prices in the table are initial and mean a package of documents already assembled by the client ready for submission, which is checked by our lawyer and adjusted to the specific situation. In order to calculate the exact price for the design of RVP, you need to come to our office for consultation with all documents. Make an appointment with our lawyer by phone +7 495 9723011.