The price for Russian Citizenship in 2022:

The price for Russian Citizenship - registration and obtaining Russian citizenship in 2022, starts from 10 500 rubles, depending on the situation and the list of services provided by our lawyers, as well as the location of services on the day of signing the contract. We provide services and migration support for the registration and obtaining Russian citizenship in Moscow, Moscow Region, Tver Region. "Vorota Goroda" provides services for obtaining Russian citizenship, which include assistance, support in the preparation and obtaining of Russian citizenship, preparation and assistance in gathering of documents, filling out applications and questionnaires necessary to apply for Russian citizenship, providing the interests of a foreign citizen in state institutions for obtaining Russian citizenship. The price may vary depending on the list of services listed. The basic prices for registration and acquisition of Russian Citizenship are given in the table below.


Price for obtaining Russian citizenship for citizens of Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova from 10,500 rubles.
Russian citizenship price for citizens of Uzbekistan from 12,500 rubles.
Russian citizenship price for Tajik citizens from 12,500 rubles.
Russian citizenship price for Azerbaijani citizens from 12,500 rubles.
Price of Russian citizenship for Georgian citizens from 14,500 rubles.
Price of obtaining Russian citizenship for minors from the EU, the USA, Canada, Australia (dual citizenship) from 14,500 rubles.


Price of legal advice on procedures Obtaining dual citizenship and obtaining second citizenship 2022 rubles per hour

Price to fill in an application for Russian Citizenship using the services of the company "City Gate" 3 000 rubles

The prices refer to the following procedures for obtaining Russian citizenship:

Obtaining Russian citizenship for the participants of the State Program for the resettlement of compatriots.

Obtaining Russian citizenship by quadripartite agreement

Obtaining Russian Citizenship for Carriers of the Russian language in a simplified manner

Obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation by parents under a simplified procedure

Obtaining Russian citizenship for children under a simplified procedure

Obtaining Russian Citizenship by marriage under a simplified procedure

Obtaining Russian Citizenship by birth under a simplified procedure

Getting Russian Citizenship for non-citizens and aliens of Latvia and Estonia

Dual Citizenship

Exit and renunciation of citizenship

Citizenship application of the Russian Federation

To get the exact price for the services of obtaining Russian citizenship, you need to apply personally to the office of the company with all documents. The cost of services of Vorota Goroda company for support of the process of getting Russian citizenship depends on the chosen program of obtaining it. The grounds for obtaining it, the time spent by a lawyer to support the process and even the place of birth of the applicant. You can make an appointment for a consultation by phone +7 495 9723011 and come to our office for consultation and clarification of all the nuances.