Registration by place of residence:

As our company works in the field of migratory services, one of its directions is assistance to legal bodies in overcoming of barriers, such as official temporary registration (registration on a place of stay) in Moscow, in Moscow region, Tver region or in other words with granting of habitation and delivery on the migratory account on a place of stay of workers of the company.

The specialists of the company "Vorota Goroda" will help both Russian legal entities and foreign companies having branches in Moscow, Moscow region, Tver region to collect and prepare all necessary documentation and to submit documents for official temporary registration at the place of stay (migration registration) for up to 1 year in some cases and above.

Temporary registration (migration registration) in Moscow, the Ministry of Defense and the notification of the place of residence is also required for Russian citizens temporarily in Moscow and the Moscow Region. It allows Russian citizens to find employment and have all the rights, including the right to receive loans, foreign passports and driving licenses in Moscow, the Moscow Region and the Tver Region. For foreign citizens Temporary registration (registration at the place of arrival) allows you to legally stay on the territory of any subject of the Federation, as well as is the first stage of legalization in the Russian Federation. Temporary registration in Moscow, the Ministry of Defense for citizens of the Russian Federation, takes place in the passport office. A legal entity that owns an apartment submits data to the passport office and registers employees at their place of residence. We can also perform this procedure for you on the basis of a power of attorney. Temporary registration (migration registration) in Moscow, MO, Tver region is made out, or in the district police department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or MFC, at the actual address of the legal entity.


Each foreign citizen staying on the territory of the Russian Federation shall register within 7 days, notifying the competent authorities of his/her place of arrival. If the foreign citizen has not done so during this time, he or she faces an administrative penalty, in the form of a fine, or even expulsion and a ban on entry if the violation occurs in Moscow, the Ministry of Defense, St. Petersburg, and Leningrad Region. Temporary registration must be made by the foreign citizen at the place of arrival, i.e. at the physical address of his residence, or at the address of the firm where the foreign citizen works.

Registration by place of residence is the registration of a foreign national who has obtained the status of a Temporary Resident Person (Temporary Resident Person) or a Residence Permit. This procedure is executed through the passport office, together with all owners of the apartment who have a share in the residential premises. If the foreign national himself is the owner of the dwelling, he has the right to register himself on the given dwelling space. The period of such registration may be for 5 years, if the foreign citizen has a residence permit (residence permit), or for 3 years, in the case of obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit.

City Gate Company, in a short period of time, helps to solve the issues related to registration at the place of residence and temporary registration, both for Russian legal entities and for foreign companies that have their branches and representative offices in Moscow and Moscow region, Tver region in accordance with Russian legislation. Temporary registration in Moscow, Moscow Region and Tver Region is provided for the period from 3 months.

In some cases, our specialists will help solve issues with the provision of housing for employees of companies with which we work and make registration urgently, within a few hours.

Documents for temporary registration (delivery for migration registration) in Moscow, Moscow Region, Tver Region:


first page passport copy and migration card
children - birth certificate
migration card

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