Residence permit in EU

Obtaining a residence permit in the EU is a number of opportunities for a foreign national to organize his life in Europe. A residence permit, as opposed to a visa, which gives the right to travel within the EU countries, allows you to live, work, run a business, pay taxes and be a full member of society.

The migration legislation of the European Union countries is, in some respects, sufficiently unified to describe the process and possibilities of obtaining a residence permit in the EU as a whole. To obtain a residence permit in Europe it is necessary to have grounds, or if this is facilitated by the legislation of this country, it gives the opportunity to create such grounds.


For obtaining a residence permit in the EU countries may be grounds:

- Opening a company in a European Union country
- Employment in a European company
- Investment in real estate or economy
- Family reunion
- Marriage to a citizen of the European Union
- Repatriation
- Family reunion

Obtaining a residence permit in one and the same EU country makes it possible to move around all Schengen countries. After completing a temporary residence permit (Temporary Residence Permit), a foreign national has the right to extend his residence permit, to obtain a permanent residence permit, or to naturalize himself and acquire citizenship.

Since summer 2010, many European Union countries have abolished the residence permit. That is, having a residence permit in one of the EU countries is not necessarily in the state more than 180 days a year. It is enough to visit the country once a year to renew your residence permit. (Exceptions in this procedure can be foreigners who have received a residence permit on the basis of marriage and family reunification).


Moving opportunities for residence permit holders

- Stay in any European country without restrictions
- Right to work
- Visa-free access to 32 European Union and Schengen countries
- Simplified procedure for immigration to Canada, USA, Australia
- Visa-free entry to the United States, Canada, Australia. After naturalization and obtaining an EU passport
- Simplified procedure for obtaining visas to the USA, UK and Canada.
- Benefits for studying in Europe
- Ability to live in any country of the European Union


Additional opportunities in banking and financial operations

- Travel by car in Russia on European numbers (the cost of a car in Europe is 50% cheaper than in Russia)
- The tax situation allows working with a company from Europe as an offshore company (profit tax "0", tax on turnover between the EU countries "0", no double taxation between Russia and EU countries).
- Bank money transfers within the European Union are made within 1 hour
- The right to unlimited purchase and sale of land plots, movable and immovable property in Europe
- The right to unlimited transactions in the sale of real estate in Europe

Security and civil rights

- A foreign national with a European residence permit has the same opportunities and rights as EU citizens, except for the right to vote.
- Single Medical Pole enables service in all EU countries