Obtaining Romanian citizenship is an opportunity that opens doors for Russian citizens far beyond the European Union, of which it has been a member since 2007. Obtaining Romanian citizenship may be of interest to different categories of citizens. With a Romanian passport, there are endless opportunities for job seekers in the European Union. For students and those wishing to study abroad, Romanian citizenship entitles them to great benefits and scholarships throughout Europe. Romanian citizenship can also be of great interest to Russian entrepreneurs planning to expand their business outside Russia into the European Union, as the agreement between Russia and Romania provides guarantees for the avoidance of double taxation on almost any profit made legally in both countries.


Price of Citizenship of Romania

When you obtain Romanian citizenship and become an EU citizen, you get it:

- the right to health care and the common insurance pole across the European Union
- the right to study in the EU on preferential terms as for EU citizens
- the right to employment in any country of the European Union and EEA countries
- the right to open various forms of business - such as LLC, JSC, JSC, etc.
- visa-free visit to Canada
- the right to reside in Russia or in any of the EU or EEA countries
- avoiding double taxation in Russia, Romania and a number of EU and EEA countries.
- opening of accounts and guarantee of money preservation in banks of European Union countries and Switzerland
- Romania's accession to the Schengen Area from October 2019.
- Emergency visa cancellation from the USA (at the moment, a visa to the USA is not issued to Romania for 10 years).
- dual citizenship

One of the most rapid options for the Romanian citizenship can be proof of origin on the ascending line of close relatives. The acquisition of Romanian citizenship is subject to the unified European legislation, the criteria for which are the proof of blood ties or birth. But the important difference between the law on repatriation in Romania and similar laws in other European Union countries is that it just provides for the acquisition of Romanian citizenship for the citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Moldova and even Turkey, i.e., neighboring countries, where Romanians have historically moved because of wars, division of territories and other historical cataclysms. The process of obtaining citizenship of Romania is very similar to the process of obtaining citizenship of Bulgaria. Diasporas of these peoples have lived in southern Russia and all over Ukraine since ancient times.
The passport of the citizen of Romania is the final stage of obtaining citizenship, not only of the Romanian, but also of the whole EU. The great advantage of obtaining citizenship of Romania is the preservation of the previous citizenship. The citizens of Russia, who received the citizenship of Romania, will have the second citizenship.


The process of acquiring the citizenship of Romania:

1 Preparation of the package of documents and registration for submission ~ 1 month
2 Ministry of Justice - submission of documents, confirmation of registry number, appointment of the order ~ 12-24 months
3 Oath notice, date assignment ~ 1 month


Documents for Romanian Citizenship

As with any legal process, especially with regard to migration law, documents will be required that may have to be requested from archives to prove your identity and that of your ancestors. Formalization of Romanian citizenship starts with a short autobiography and a genealogical tree that mentions all close ascendants. After reviewing these writings, a power of attorney for the lawyer of our company is drawn up to support the process. We'll also need

- Copy of the applicant's birth certificate
- Copy of the applicant's passport
- Copies of birth certificates of ascendant relatives
- Copies of marriage certificates of all ascendant relatives
- MIA report of no criminal record

The specialists of the "Gate of the City" company are ready to provide any assistance in obtaining citizenship of Romania. If you have difficulties in obtaining data from archives or the archive does not have the opportunity to give you all the necessary information at your request, the lawyers of our company are ready to provide you with comprehensive assistance in resolving such issues. You can contact us by phone +7 495 9723011 and make an appointment for a consultation.