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Moving to the EU countries through obtaining permanent residence (permanent residence) in Bulgaria is becoming more and more important as obtaining Bulgarian citizenship opens the borders not only in Bulgaria but also to all European countries. By obtaining permanent residence in Bulgaria, a foreigner becomes a full-fledged European citizen, having all the benefits and opportunities in any country of the European Union and the Common European Economic Area.

Assistance in obtaining Bulgarian citizenship as well
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It is clear to everyone that having citizenship of the European Union, in this case having bought Bulgarian citizenship, a foreign citizen will be able not only to travel without a visa to the EU countries, but also to live permanently (permanent residence), work, pay taxes and receive a pension, start a business and run a business. At the moment, the economy of Bulgaria is at the lowest level in the European Union, but Bulgarian citizenship also provides huge social opportunities in absolutely any country of the European Union and the Common European Economic Area countries, which include Switzerland, Iceland and Norway.

It is also possible to buy Bulgarian citizenship for Russian citizens. The Law on Citizenship of Bulgaria says about different opportunities to obtain Bulgarian citizenship, but for Russian citizens the most probable and simple options are to obtain Bulgarian citizenship based on origin and to obtain Bulgarian citizenship based on investment.

Obtaining Bulgarian citizenship by birth. As the Bulgarians from time immemorial lived in the south of Russia and Ukraine, as well as on the territory of present Moldova and Transnistria, that is, certain algorithms of proof of Bulgarian origin. The process of registration under the given program is similar to the process of reception of citizenship of Romania and to the Russian program of the Carrier of Russian language where the foreign citizen proves the Russian origin on an ascending line and further receives Citizenship of Russia. The Bulgarian repatriation program is much wider and it is possible to prove the Bulgarian origin not only on the ascending line, but also on the fact of birth and residence of relatives in the territories belonging to former Bulgaria. If you know that you had Bulgarian relatives, but you don't know how to prove it, our specialists will help you to pick up the archives and get archive certificates, which will later prove your Bulgarian origin and will be the basis for obtaining Bulgarian citizenship. This procedure is the fastest option for obtaining Bulgarian citizenship and immigrating to the European Union. Citizenship can be obtained within a year and you will not have to pass the naturalization exams and Bulgarian language skills.

Buy Bulgarian Citizenship or obtain Citizenship on investment basis. Another option for immigrating to the European Union is to invest in the Bulgarian economy. On the one hand you are investing in Europe, on the other hand you can buy Bulgarian citizenship. Buying a hotel, house or mansion for BGN 1 000 000 you get a Residence Permit in Bulgaria, which gives you the opportunity to live in Bulgaria and do business there. Bulgarian citizenship can be obtained by a foreign citizen in the process of naturalization, receiving a permanent residence permit (permanent residence permit) and living on it for at least 5 years, and in the future to pass the exams on History, Bulgarian legislation, as well as an exam in Bulgarian language.

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