Legalization in Russia is becoming more complicated and the Migration Service requires additional documents every day. A contract of employment is a priority document, without which it has become extremely difficult to submit documents for the RVP. The situation with legalization in Russia is getting more complicated and now to get a ticket for filing documents for the RVP it is necessary to have a rental contract executed in accordance with all requirements of the Ministry of Interior.


Price of executing a lease agreement.

It is no secret that migration laws are getting worse every day and that it is harder for foreigners to legalize themselves every day. But even with all the difficulties, Russia is still far from such countries as Japan, Switzerland, and the Arab Emirates, where it is not possible to obtain citizenship. Everything turns out to be complicated, but let's try to figure out what an employment contract is and why they started demanding it.


What is an employment contract?

An employment contract is a document that is required to obtain a RVP ticket. In other words, a foreign citizen who married a Russian citizen but does not have his/her own apartment must submit a rental agreement (in other words, a rent agreement) for at least 3 years. The complexity of this agreement is that the housing lease agreement is concluded for 1 year with further extension for 1 year. Accordingly, it will be difficult to find a landlord who agrees to sign a lease for 3 years at a time. The second point is that as a rule landlords do not rush to register tenants in their apartments, because not everyone rents their property officially, paying income tax.


Where is the tenancy agreement required?

Virtually any application to the RVP, regardless of the applicant's grounds, may require a tenancy agreement from the Migration Service.

marriage spousal distribution

routine receipt of RVP

Another situation is with a foreign citizen who married a Russian citizen who had Moscow registration at his place of residence. In this case, the foreign citizen must be registered at her address of residence and there will be no questions from the officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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